There is a Professional Hierarchy within the Legal Community  — and Lawyers – are the Titans at the Top.  Productive ones will pay your salary.   


The Lawyers with longevity in the profession are at the top because they represent Society, not only in the Courthouse, but also by enforcing the civility of the Social Contract in America, that has witnessed American Society evolve from the guns of the wild, wild West into a Society whose Status “was”, and is, the civility in Society.    


Legal Support Staff training has not followed the same path of professional development and worked in tandem with Lawyers and the Legal Community; and it Knows that.


Historically, during a robust economy, Lawyers had the time and wherewithal to help train Legal Support Staff.  That is no longer the case.  That is a by-gone Era.  The paradigm has shifted, a priori assumptions have shifted, and a huge portion of Legal Support Staff training missed the sign posts. 


One thing is certain—the focus was not producing Legal Support Staff with law office functionality – before – students left the classroom.   There’s a huge divide currently, and American Legal Support Staff trainers need to appreciate that fact because the Titans know better.

Legal Support Staff still being churned out of legal schools – with no law practice functionality are joining the ranks of the 99%ers.   Many are buying themselves a lawsuit if they don’t shift with the shift of the paradigm.


The Path to Personal Development in Law, is to have a perspective of certain a priori assumptions, that have always existed.  The days of “form” over “substance” are a by-gone era because the very preservation of the Legal Community and viability of law practices (that hire Legal Support Staff) depends upon it. 


The days of the appearance of preparation is now dead on arrival.  Ask a Lawyer, who is the “end-user”.    

Rest assured – American Lawyers will Never relinquish their national and international standing.  Those Legal Titans whose practices have survived Legal-Staff-deficits in the past 2-3 decades will jealously guard their success. 


For example, an Orange County lawyer advertised for a Legal Assistant – with a Master’s Degree in English!  He was making a Huge point and the conclusion is academic.  Many Orange County Lawyers will recall that Lawyer’s advertisement and his clarion call.

Hence, either one of two scenarios will come to fruition.  Either, Legal Support Staff will rise to the occasion that  Titans demand, or, those “learned individuals from across the ocean” will continue their immigration to America and replace potential American  Legal Staff.  You choose. 


Do you honestly believe that Legal Titans will not make that decision?  They must.  They’re the Titans of American Legal Community in American Society and preserves in huge measure, its very civility – and do not simply litigate court cases for the income alone.  The role is larger than that.


If American Law Clerks – American Paralegals – American Legal Assistants – American Legal Secretaries – American Law Office Receptionists – American Legal Process Servers and American Investigators want to work with the Titans, then you need  the professional development of the Titans.


There’s no point in becoming distracted because you’re not being hired.   Some of the best law office practice basics are found on the Self-Help Sections of the Superior Court’s Family Law Division, the Probate Division, the Criminal Division, the Civil Division; as well as the U.S. Bankrupty Court websites.  These sites visits are pure gold and waiting for you.


Moreover, there’s not a single legal pleading that a lawyer has written that’s not found some where online—to which you can go when the Self-Help Sections of the Courts reference certain legal pleadings.  

Moreover, when my Law Practice-for-Legal-Support-Staff-E-Book Series is published,  that overlay will lead you straight through the law office door, where you can dialogue with a Lawyer about the law-office practice knowledge base you’ve acquired.     


Don’t forget that The Law rises and falls on command of the English language.  One of the best investments I made in myself was summer school attendance of a vocabulary building and essay-writing class at a junior college.  Albeit I had graduated with honors, I still needed to command reading and writing the English language.  Commanding what you know is the Standard.  I didn’t make the Standard.  I simply know the Standard.  At that juncture, the Lawyer Titans can return to perform their core competencies:  going to court — discussing case strategies with the clients – and collecting money.   After all, Legal Support should be everything minus the foregoing 3 Lawyer core competencies.


Don’t forget that the Legal Titan already has knowledge of what she or he is looking for in competent Legal Staff Support and hence what you should possess.  When you’re grounded with a  law practice familiarity, then the years of experience goes out the window, and you’re American Legal Staff Support.


Any question in the interim, just e-mail me at





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